Huynh Tu Dang

San Jose, CA -

I am experienced in leveraging network programmability to improve performance for consensus middlewares in data centers. I love to explore new technologies to solve problems in an innovative way.



Western Digital, Milpitas CA

Lead the study and development of new and emerging non-volatile memory technologies, Coherence protocols and Scale out for memory-centric systems

May 2020 - Present

Principal Research Engineer

Western Digital, Milpitas CA

Design and Implement OmniXtend, an open networking protocol for exchanging coherence messages directly with processor caches

April 2019 - Present

Doctoral Assistant

Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano, Switzerland

Include current PhD research, PhD and Masters level coursework and research/consulting projects. Lead weekly system reading group.

September 2014 - March 2019

PhD Intern

Western Digital, Milpitas, CA

Project: Fault-tolerance for network-attached non-volatile memory.

July 2017 - October 2017

Visiting Researcher

Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK

Interface FPGA NVMe with Xilinx FPGAs.

April 2017 - May 2017


Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano, Switzerland

Computer Science

Thesis: Consensus Protocols Exploiting Network Programmability

September 2014 - March 2019

Polytech Nice-Sophia Antipolis, Nice, France

Master of Science
Computer Science

Thesis: Higher SLA Satisfaction in Datacenters with Continuous VM Placement Constraints

September 2012 - September 2013

Ho Chi Minh International University (HCMIU), Vietnam

Bachelor of Science
Thesis: NetConf Secured CLI client for network configuration

September 2006 - September 2010

Selected Publications

P4xos: Consensus as a Network Service

Huynh Tu Dang, Pietro Bressana, Han Wang, Ki Suh Lee Noa Zilberman, Hakim Weatherspoon, Marco Canini, Fernando Pedone, Robert Soule

To appear at IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (ToN)

The Case for In-Network Computing On Demand

Yuta Tokusashi, Huynh Tu Dang, Fernando Pedone, Robert Soule, Noa Zilberman.

European Conference on Computer Systems (Eurosys'19), March 2019

Whippersnapper: A P4 Language Benchmark Suite

Huynh Tu Dang, Han Wang, Theo Jepsen, Gordon Brebner, Changhoon Kim, Jennifer Rexford, Robert Soule, and Hakim Weatherspoon.

3rd ACM Sigcomm Symposium on SDN Research (SOSR' 17), April 2017

P4FPGA: A Rapid Prototyping Framework for P4

Han Wang, Robert Soule, Huynh Tu Dang, Ki Suh Lee, Vishal Shrivastav, Nate Foster, and Hakim Weatherspoon.

3rd ACM Sigcomm Symposium on SDN Research (SOSR' 17), April 2017

Paxos Made Switch-y

Huynh Tu Dang, Marco Canini, Fernando Pedone, and Robert Soule

SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review (SIGCOMM CCR), April 2016

NetPaxos: Consensus at Network Speed

Huynh Tu Dang, Daniele Sciascia, Marco Canini, Fernando Pedone, and Robert Soule

1st ACM Sigcomm Symposium on SDN Research (SOSR' 15), June 2015

Skills & Awards

  • Languages: C/C++, Python, Java, Shell Script, R
  • Technologies: FPGA, DPDK, P4, OpenFlow
  • Tools: Xilinx Vivado, Barefoot Studio, Pandas, LaTeX
Awards & Certifications
  • Full scholarship for the Master of Science in Ubiquitous Networking and Computing, Sophia Antipolis, France, 2012
  • Full scholarship for the IT Master Program of International University, 2011
  • Silver Medal in Information Technology Graduation Batch, 2010
  • University scholarships for excellent study results, 2006-2010
  • Oracle JAVA SE 7 Programmer
  • Microsoft System Administrator (MCSA)
  • VMWare VCA-Cloud, VCA-DCV (Data Center Virtualization)